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The VPA Story


The Start

Vantage Point Archery was established in 2008 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Our company and owners started with a passion for the outdoors and recreational industry.  Having had an initial passion for this industry and specifically bow hunting, members of the VPA team knew that there was a demand in the market for better quality archery products.  It is always easier to scrutinize companies and the products they make while staying on the sidelines, however our founders wanted to all be part of the solution to this issue.  Uncertain of what initially had to be accomplished and what kind of commitment would be needed, the VPA team set off on our course to fix this problem.     


Product Development


Our team’s journey began with developing the designs of these new products. Our first ambition was to create an indestructible broadhead.  Each of our founders had a well-established background in the manufacturing industry as well as all the necessary equipment and technology needed for the initial designs. We wanted a simple design that would be tough, accurate, and easy to maintain.  Our outcome was a one-piece CNC precision machined broadhead.  This, first of its kind, was like nothing else on the market.  We put our first prototypes to the test in the field and it didn’t take long to find great success.  We continued to fine-tune our design until we felt confident and were ready to put our product on the market.  Our VPA team initially offered our 3 blade 100 grain broadhead as the first item in our product line. From our initial launch our following quickly grew, and before we could imagine, we were selling products all around the world as well as getting request for more product varieties. 

Finding Our Path


Over the past several years Vantage Point Archery has become known as one of the biggest breakthrough companies in the market, leading the way in precision machined one piece products. We continue developing the toughest broad heads by which all others in the industry are measured. Our company’s rapid growth can be attributed to strength, quality, performance and customer service that is second to none, as well as the fact that all of our products are “Proudly Made in the USA”.  We have also been privileged to grow our market by working with hundreds of other archery specific companies all over the world.   VPA’s offerings have since grown to include over fifty 2 and 3 blade models. (Largest selection in the market) Our offerings have expanded over the years to also include ILF Risers, small game points, and other archery products designed with superior strength and quality in mind. We pride ourselves on the fact that our products have taken countless trophies, on several continents, worldwide, including several Archery No.1’s.  We have been featured in numerous national and international publications. Our products provide superior performance, on any game, in every environmental condition on the planet. Whether you are new to the industry, well-seasoned, or a Professional Hunter, VPA offers something for any archery enthusiast.

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