Pro Staff Members

Vantage Point Archery has some of the most decorated names in the hunting industry on its Pro Staff team. These professional hunters are among the most hardcore, avid bowhunters you’ll find anywhere. Many of them hunt for a living or have their own network platforms in which they dedicate their lives to the sport. Along with having a diverse lineup of hunters from all over the world, these men and women travel extensively to challenge their hunting intellect. Many record book-class trophies fall each year to the stealth of the VPA Pro Staff. 


Pro Staff

Jody Cyr

Jody Cyr is a School Principal living in Drain, Oregon. He is married to a very understanding and loving wife Sara. You’ll often find the both of them on adventures looking for sheds, calling predators or just enjoying what the outdoors have to offer. Jody has been fortunate enough to grow up hunting Roosevelt since a very young age. His passion of chasing the brush dwelling, black antlered, giant bodied animals only grows year after year. When not hunting Roosevelt Elk, he concentrates most of his hunting efforts on the other game species Oregon has to offer with a major emphasis on Blacktail Deer. He is, however, always up for the challenge of chasing new species in a new state. Jody generally hunts 3 or 4 different states a year for anything he can acquire a tag for. While Elk hunting is his true passion, he really enjoys sharing his hunting stories and experiences with young students who are so eager to learn about the sport that has defined his life.

Facebook: Jody Cyr

Instagram: jody.cyr.1


Pro Staff

Ulrik Orskov

Ulrik is a vet student and freelance hunting journalist living in Copenhagen, Denmark. As a kid he was running around with the neighbor boys on his grandparents farm, building shelters, having campfires, shooting homemade bows and catching animals. From his love of animals he pursued a career to become a veterinarian. Besides Denmark he has also hunted in countries such as Sweden and Germany. With this said however, his favorite places to hunt would be the vast untouched lands with their impressive mountains and wild animals of Australia and New Zealand. He films his explorations to keep the memories alive, and edits some into short-films for YouTube.

Facebook: Orskov Hunting
Youtube: Ulrik Orskov
Instagram: @Ulrik Orskov


Pro Staff

Robbie Austen


Pro Staff

Shane Dorian

Shane was born and raised in Hawaii and makes his living as a Pro Surfer. He has been bowhunting for over a decade. It started out to control the pig population at his house but once he shot a bow he was hooked. In Hawaii you can hunt every day of the year so he hunts year round. He has hunted throughout Hawaii, California, Utah, Colorado and Australia although he says his favorite hunt is on the island of Lanai for Axis deer. 

Facebook: Shane Dorian

Instagram: @Shane Dorian


Pro Staff

Chase Loresen

Chase has always been an outdoorsman as he enjoys camping, 4 wheeling, and most of all bowhunting. The places it takes you are sometimes indescribable and that’s what keeps bringing him back. He always said bowhunting isn’t about the kill but about the hunt itself, and he can’t get enough of the hunt. Chasing Red deer around his home town is something he loves doing, especially during the rut. He has been lucky enough to travel to Africa and took some very nice plains game which would be one of my most memorable hunting trips. He has never had the amount of confidence in his broadheads as he does with the VPA’s, and he wouldn’t have anything else on the front of his arrow.


Pro Staff

Joel Turner

Joel has been hunting nearly his entire life, but his focus has been drawn to traditional archery and watching the mystical flight of a well shot arrow. He has dealt with target panic since he picked up his first recurve 30 years ago. He has struggled with this demon just like countless other archers. Having tried every patch or supposed cure that was presented, only to watch it fail because he was not getting to the true cause of the problem. It was through his unique firearms training opportunities that he found and developed the mental mechanics of shooting for both firearms and archery. He has developed a system that teaches an archer where to put concentration in a shot, it teaches an archer how to actually concentrate under stress. This system is not a patch, it is a complete system that allows the archer to delegate tasks in the mind to gain complete control of the shot. The archer will not only know they are going to shoot a perfect arrow, they will have a specific plan on how they are going to accomplish that controlled shot. Shot control is within all of us, we just need to be given the blueprint to success. IRONMIND Archery Systems will put the control back into your shot for your moment of truth.


Pro Staff

Scott Meadows

Scott Meadows hails from a small country town in outback Australia called Cobar. He has a delightful and understanding partner in Gemma and three wonderful children in Jasmine, Joshua and my little princess Jordan.  He was introduced to archery at 13 years of age and started hunting not very long after taking a rabbit on his very first hunt.  He had some great mentors growing up from within our archery club who took him under their wing. They taught him the ways of the bush, in showing respect and appreciation for the animals that they were to hunt and the country they were to hunt them on.  It’s not always about the thrill of the stalk or of the taking of an animal; just being with nature on its own is enough for him and a hard earned trophy is just an added bonus.


The mateship and camaraderie that comes from within the bow hunting fraternity truly is amazing and remarkable.   He's just as happy for a friend as they are themselves in the taking of a trophy whether it is a rabbit or that trophy buck or stag of a lifetime. He enjoys writing about his hunting exploits and often contributes to various magazines within Australia and via social media.  He hunts with both compound and recurve bows choosing Hoyt of which he has two and an Australian made Huntsmen recurve along with a bear. The one thing they all have in common is that a VPA broad head is on the end of the arrow.  The capability and strength of these heads to perform flawlessly with style and ease with many variations in size and weight for the hunting archer is a testament to the brand.