VPA Vapor Riser

The VPA Vapor Riser is a 13" ILF Riser designed to accommodate any longbow or recurve ILF limbs from any manufacturer on the market.  It is machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum bar stock, which makes for a perfect blend of durability and weight. (The VPA Vapor Riser weighs approximately 1.5lbs)  Having 1 inch deflex, the Vapor Riser is balanced to make for a more forgiving shooting experience.  The Vapor Riser also has lateral limb adjustments to adjust limbs to be aligned on center.  (Please note: the total weight of your riser setup would be the based on whatever the limbs are marked as. 1 to 1 ratio) The riser is cut 3/8" past center to accommodate a plunger or hard stop making your arrows fully tunable.  The Vapor Riser is designed with a radiused shelf, giving shooters clearance to shoot right off the shelf. Most ILF riser grips will fit the Vapor Riser, however we offer a low, medium, and high wrist grip designed specially for consistent hand placement.  All of the hardware is stainless steel making the riser completely weatherproof.  Most limbs can be adjusted up or down 2 to 3 pounds.  The riser is complete with AMO holes for a quiver and other archery accessories.  Once you try the Vapor Riser we think you will agree, it is the most versatile hunting riser there is!

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